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Your Health Is Your Biggest Asset. Take Good Care Of It!

About ME

Hi, My name is Saly Rad. I am a food specialist with a MSc. in Food Technology and Food Chemistry Engineering.

I am currently undertaking a combined course to further enhance my knowledge and abilities in fitness and nutrition. Once completed I will be qualified in Level 2 Gym Instructing, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 4 Advanced Nutrition and more

To ensure I am establishing a strong pyramid of Nutrition, Fitness and Mindfulness, I am also completing The Master`s Way path of light course which assists me to discipline my mind, so it is able to open and expand its consciousness.

Fitness and wellbeing have always been my passion. Like most people I have faced lots of ups and downs through life. Sometimes to the extent that I felt powerless and trapped with no way out. Being present in the moment and letting go of any self-judgement combined with physical activity were key to achieving a balanced Body, Mind and Soul.


I want to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others.

I understand life can be hectic and its often tough to find time to work out. I have been there myself and I have made any excuse going. Now, using my experiences and knowledge I can design a program that is manageable, enjoyable, and proven to work.

I would like to play a part in your wellness journey whether that is nutritional guidance, exercise plans or learning how to love your body and reconnect with your soul again. If you simply want to get into fitness and tone up, you’ve lost your motivation, or you just want to switch up your training I’d really love to help you achieve those goals!

Come Forward To A Healthy Life!

In Person 1-2-1

One off sessions can be arranged, or sessions can be booked in blocks of 5 or 10. Block booked sessions will be scheduled at the time of booking to ensure consistency in training and progress to be made.

Whether it be fat loss, increase overall strength, fitness and wellbeing, or if you have a particular condition or injury you are looking to overcome, 1-2-1 training is your best approach to keep you motivated and focussed on your goal.

  • 1 off session   £35
  • 5 sessions      £165
  • 10 sessions    £310
1-2-1 online

Too busy? Social distancing due to Pandemic? Or just simply do not like to commute? How about utilising Skype and/or Facetime and having your sessions streamed live to your digital device. It is amazing how quickly you just assume your fitness trainer is there with you.

  • 1 off session  £30
  • 5 sessions      £140
  • 10 sessions    £250
Small Group Training

Working out with friends can help you stick to your exercise programme more effectively and consistently. You can keep each other motivated and spur each other on when you need that extra boost. We can focus on a range of different exercise like Fitness Yoga, HIIT training, Core work, Total body condition, Circuit training, Cardio training


  • £50 per session

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